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Welcome to Erectsafe

We are a leading scaffolding company located in Auckland, providing high-quality services to commercial, residential, and industrial clients.

Experience defines expertise.

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Design & Engineering

At ESS, our core strength lies in our design engineering team. Comprising skilled professionals with a wealth of experience, they form the backbone of our commitment to excellence. Our team is adept at providing comprehensive and tailored construction design and drafting services.

Tailored Solutions in 3D and 2D

We specialize in crafting inherently safe and efficient scaffolding solutions. Leveraging advanced technology, our designers & engineers bring concepts to life in both 3D and 2D plans. This ensures not just a visual representation but a detailed roadmap for the construction process.

The ESS Advantage
The ESS design & engineer team transform visions into reality. Our commitment to safety, efficiently, and innovation sets us apart in the scaffolding industry. Our team is committed to providing inherently safe and efficient scaffolding solutions, improving productivity, versatility, and swift completions. Accurately creating scaffold models incorporating crucial elements to complete an installation safely and successfully.

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Shrink Wrap Scaffold

We are proud to introduce our specialized Shrink Wrap Scaffold Services, providing an innovative and unparalleled solution for safeguarding your construction and renovation projects. Our state-of-the-art shrink wrap technology offers a myriad of benefits, ensuring the protection of your structures and personnel in any environment.

Suspended Scaffolding

Our suspended scaffolding services are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries,  including oil and gas, bridges, water care, and mining. We have the equipment and expertise to provide safe and efficient scaffolding for even the most complex industrial projects.

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Event Scaffolding

We offer event scaffolding services for concerts, festivals, and other large events. Our team will work with event organizers to develop a customized scaffolding plan that meets the specific needs of the event. We are committed to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of event attendees.

Shore loading

We specialize in delivering high-quality scaffold propping & shore loading services designed to provide robust support for construction, renovation, and maintenance projects. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your structures are stabilized with precision and expertise, contributing to the overall success of your endeavors.


Edge Protection 

Partnering with builders and developers
to ensure the safety and efficiency of
construction. Whether building, renovating, or maintaining your home, our team is dedicated to providing edge protection solutions that elevate the success and safety of your residential projects.

Roof Systems

we take pride in our specialization and commitment to addressing the unique challenges presented by infrastructure projects. Our on-hand roofing systems are meticulously tailored to provide a shield against the elements, particularly rain, ensuring your team can carry on with their work seamlessly, free from the risks of weather-related setbacks.

Scaffolding isn't just our service, it's our expertise                                                               09 273 2059

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